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Module Suffixes

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Fitness Life comes with 60+ module suffix styles. Each suffix style can be used in conjunction with others : Simply use an underscore '_' to bridge the suffix styles!

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Base Typography

This is an H1 Heading

<h1>This is an H1 Heading</h1>

This is an H2 Heading

<h2>This is an H2 Heading</h2>

This is an H3 Heading

<h3>This is an H3 Heading</h3>

This is an H4 Heading

<h4>This is an H4 Heading</h4>
This is an H5 Heading
<h5>This is an H5 Heading</h5>

ropcap Styling for article intros and much more. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Ut nunc lorem, eleifend vel, rhoncus sed, congue quis, leo. Aliquam dignissim dui quis purus. Phasellus vehicula, ante eu mollis pharetra, enim felis iaculis lacus, congue ullamcorper lorem eros at libero.

<div class="dropcap">D</div>ropcap Styling

This is the Example Quote Class this can be used to create quotes in article pages by using the code below

<blockquote class="opensmall">This is the Example Quote Class</blockquote>

Example LG Quote Class

<blockquote class="openlarge">This is the Example Quote Class</blockquote>
This is the code div class. Curabitur bibendum metus porta dui sagittis sagittis. Suspendisse placerat orci eget massa. Donec vitae nisi. Sed tincidunt adipiscing mauris. In lorem. Maecenas dapibus commodo sapien.

<div class="code">This is the code div class</div>
This is the highlight div class. Curabitur bibendum metus porta dui sagittis sagittis. Suspendisse placerat orci eget massa. Donec vitae nisi. Sed tincidunt adipiscing mauris. In lorem. Maecenas dapibus commodo sapien. Nam nulla.

<div class="highlight">This is the highlight div class</div>

Blog Div Styles

This is Blog Red

<div class="blog-red">blog-red</div>

This is Blog Blue

<div class=">blog-blue">blog-blue</div>

This is Blog Green

<div class="blog-green">blog-green</div>

This is Blog Cyan

<div class="blog-cyan">blog-cyan</div>
This is Blog Tan

<div class="blog-tan">blog-tan</div>

This is Blog Yellow

<div class="blog-yellow">blog-yellow</div>

This is Blog Grey

<div class="blog-grey">blog-grey</div>

This is Blog Pink

<div class="blog-pink">blog-pink</div>

Note Style

This the note style. Curabitur bibendum metus porta dui sagittis sagittis. Suspendisse placerat orci eget massa. Donec vitae nisi. Sed tincidunt adipiscing mauris. In lorem. Maecenas dapibus commodo sapien. Nam nulla.
<div class="note">This is note style</div>

CSS3 Button Styles

Grey Button

<a class="greybutton">Grey Button</a>

Blue Button

<a class="bluebutton">Blue Button</a>

Orange Button

<a class="orangebutton">Orange Button</a>

Red Button

<a class="redbutton">Red Button</a>

Pink Button

<a class="pinkbutton">Pink Button</a>

Cyan Button

<a class="cyanbutton">Cyan Button</a>

Green Button

<a class="greenbutton">Green Button</a>

Dark Grey

<a class="darkgreybutton">Dark Grey Button</a>

Brown Button

<a class="brownbutton">Brown Button</a>

Tan Button

<a class="tanbutton">Tan Button</a>
Light Grey Pill

<a class="lightgreypill">Light Grey Pill</a>

Blue Pill Button

<a class="bluepillbutton">Blue Pill</a>

Orange Pill Button

<a class="orangepillbutton">Orange Pill</a>

Red Pill Button

<a class="redpillbutton">Red Pill</a>

Pink Pill Button

<a class="pinkpillbutton">Pink Pill</a>

Cyan Pill Button

<a class="cyanpillbutton">Cyan Pill</a>

Green Pill Button

<a class="greenpillbutton">Green Pill</a>

Dark Grey Pill Button

<a class="darkgreypillbutton">Dark Grey Pill</a>

Brown Pill Button

<a class="brownpillbutton">Brown Pill</a>

Tan Pill Button

<a class="tanpillbutton">Tan Pill</a>

Flat Button Styles

<button class="blue">Blue Button</button>

<button class="cyan">Cyan Button</button>

<button class="red">Red Button</button>

<button class="tan">Tan Button</button>

<button class="yellow">Yellow Button</button>

<button class="grey">Grey Button</button>

<button class="pink">Pink Button</button>

<button class="blue-pill">Blue Pill</button>

<button class="cyan-pill">Cyan Pill</button>

<button class="red-pill">Red Pill</button>

<button class="tan-pill">Tan Pill</button>

<button class="yellow-pill">Yellow Pill</button>

<button class="grey-pill">Grey Pill</button>

<button class="pink-pill">Pink Pill</button>

UL List Styles

Check List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • checlist ul

Article List

  • This is an
  • example of an
  • article list

Star List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • star list

Arrow List

  • This is an
  • example of an
  • arrow list

Remove List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • remove list

Bookmark List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • bookmark list

Comment List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • comment list

Marker List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • marker list

Play List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • play list

Asterisk List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • asteric list

Notice List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • notice list

Favorites List

  • This is an
  • example of a
  • favotites list

P Styles

'Error style

'Ideas style

Message style

Astrix style

This is com

This is mod

This is plug

This is lang

This is RSS

Bar Graph One

Create custom Bar Graphs using the Div Class bargraphv barone - barten. Bargraphv generates the css code for the graph and barone gives it a 10% height, bartwo creates 20% and so on. To give it a circle tag at the bottom use a DIV class of cloud_tag1.

<div class="bargraphv bartone"></div>
<div class="cloud_tag1">10</div>

All Icons by Category

Web Application Icons

  • icon-adjust
  • icon-asterisk
  • icon-ban-circle
  • icon-bar-chart
  • icon-barcode
  • icon-beaker
  • icon-bell
  • icon-bolt
  • icon-book
  • icon-bookmark
  • icon-bookmark-empty
  • icon-briefcase
  • icon-bullhorn
  • icon-calendar
  • icon-camera
  • icon-camera-retro
  • icon-certificate
  • icon-check
  • icon-check-empty
  • icon-cloud
  • icon-cog
  • icon-cogs
  • icon-comment
  • icon-comment-alt
  • icon-comments
  • icon-comments-alt
  • icon-credit-card
  • icon-dashboard
  • icon-download
  • icon-download-alt
  • icon-edit
  • icon-envelope
  • icon-envelope-alt
  • icon-exclamation-sign
  • icon-external-link
  • icon-eye-close
  • icon-eye-open
  • icon-facetime-video
  • icon-film
  • icon-filter
  • icon-fire
  • icon-flag
  • icon-folder-close
  • icon-folder-open
  • icon-gift
  • icon-glass
  • icon-globe
  • icon-group
  • icon-hdd
  • icon-headphones
  • icon-heart
  • icon-heart-empty
  • icon-home
  • icon-inbox
  • icon-info-sign
  • icon-key
  • icon-leaf
  • icon-legal
  • icon-lemon
  • icon-lock
  • icon-unlock
  • icon-magic
  • icon-magnet
  • icon-map-marker
  • icon-minus
  • icon-minus-sign
  • icon-money
  • icon-move
  • icon-music
  • icon-off
  • icon-ok
  • icon-ok-circle
  • icon-ok-sign
  • icon-pencil
  • icon-picture
  • icon-plane
  • icon-plus
  • icon-plus-sign
  • icon-print
  • icon-pushpin
  • icon-qrcode
  • icon-question-sign
  • icon-random
  • icon-refresh
  • icon-remove
  • icon-remove-circle
  • icon-remove-sign
  • icon-reorder
  • icon-resize-horizontal
  • icon-resize-vertical
  • icon-retweet
  • icon-road
  • icon-rss
  • icon-screenshot
  • icon-search
  • icon-share
  • icon-share-alt
  • icon-shopping-cart
  • icon-signal
  • icon-signin
  • icon-signout
  • icon-sitemap
  • icon-sort
  • icon-sort-down
  • icon-sort-up
  • icon-star
  • icon-star-empty
  • icon-star-half
  • icon-tag
  • icon-tags
  • icon-tasks
  • icon-thumbs-down
  • icon-thumbs-up
  • icon-time
  • icon-tint
  • icon-trash
  • icon-trophy
  • icon-truck
  • icon-umbrella
  • icon-upload
  • icon-upload-alt
  • icon-user
  • icon-user-md
  • icon-volume-off
  • icon-volume-down
  • icon-volume-up
  • icon-warning-sign
  • icon-wrench
  • icon-zoom-in
  • icon-zoom-out

Text Editor Icons

  • icon-file
  • icon-cut
  • icon-copy
  • icon-paste
  • icon-save
  • icon-undo
  • icon-repeat
  • icon-paper-clip
  • icon-text-height
  • icon-text-width
  • icon-align-left
  • icon-align-center
  • icon-align-right
  • icon-align-justify
  • icon-indent-left
  • icon-indent-right
  • icon-font
  • icon-bold
  • icon-italic
  • icon-strikethrough
  • icon-underline
  • icon-link
  • icon-columns
  • icon-table
  • icon-th-large
  • icon-th
  • icon-th-list
  • icon-list
  • icon-list-ol
  • icon-list-ul
  • icon-list-alt

Directional Icons

  • icon-arrow-down
  • icon-arrow-left
  • icon-arrow-right
  • icon-arrow-up
  • icon-chevron-down
  • icon-circle-arrow-down
  • icon-circle-arrow-left
  • icon-circle-arrow-right
  • icon-circle-arrow-up
  • icon-chevron-left
  • icon-caret-down
  • icon-caret-left
  • icon-caret-right
  • icon-caret-up
  • icon-chevron-right
  • icon-hand-down
  • icon-hand-left
  • icon-hand-right
  • icon-hand-up
  • icon-chevron-up

Video Player Icons

  • icon-play-circle
  • icon-play
  • icon-pause
  • icon-stop
  • icon-step-backward
  • icon-fast-backward
  • icon-backward
  • icon-forward
  • icon-fast-forward
  • icon-step-forward
  • icon-eject
  • icon-fullscreen
  • icon-resize-full
  • icon-resize-small

Social Icons

  • icon-phone
  • icon-phone-sign
  • icon-facebook
  • icon-facebook-sign
  • icon-twitter
  • icon-twitter-sign
  • icon-github
  • icon-github-sign
  • icon-linkedin
  • icon-linkedin-sign
  • icon-pinterest
  • icon-pinterest-sign
  • icon-google-plus
  • icon-google-plus-sign
  • icon-sign-blank
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Template Framework

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Joomla XTC Framework

JoomlaXTC XTC Framework template system provides complete control over the template styles, from Width Adjustments, Region and Column Layout, Backgrounds, Font Colors / Sizes / Typeset, Module Layout, Menus and much more.

Using the standard Joomla! programming interface, the XTC Framework provides simple yet powerful template creation tools that allows developers to rapidly build or change every aspect of template elements and its administration panel and provide final users with easy and familiar controls to configure the template.

The following are some of the available features, more are coming!


Layouts define the overall location of elements in the template, they can have their own set of style, typography or any other CSS Parameter Groups. Also they can have their own custom parameters for added functionality such as custom code, Javascript calls, etc.

  • Support for one or multiple layouts each one with its own set of parameters. Switch your entire site look in two clicks!
  • Layouts can share the same module position names or have custom ones for increased flexibility.
  • CSS3 Responsive Bootstrapped Grid.
  • Support mobile devices.
  • Creating a new layout is as easy as copying the current one into another folder!
  • PHP-based layout code allows any kind of customization or logic to be used
  • Intelligent Grid rendering with standard Joomla! jdoc calls is available for easy placement of content areas
  • The grid engine creates automatic CSS classes for easy styling: Need to edit the header of the bottom module in the first column of region3? CSS is as easy as: #region3 .firstcolumn .lastarea h3 {}
  • Use region-based layouts with selectable region display order
  • Easily switch column display order within a region
  • From simple to advanced template layouts, the choice is yours!

Style Management:

XTC delivers powerful CSS features to ease the styling of templates. For example, you can combine multiple CSS preset styles to obtain the right look for your site. XTC template CSS can be split in as many groups as needed, each one capable of sharing one or more template parameters to control what you want, and if you need more groups, creating new ones is really simple.

  • Use Parameters Groups to organize CSS in many ways: Colors and Graphics, Module suffixes, Typography, Menu styling, etc.
  • Use one CSS file with one or multiple Parameter Groups, or multiple CSS files for each group.
  • CSS files can be edited from template backend, or use the template.css file to override any other CSS.
  • Use PHP code inside CSS files with full access to all parameters for custom styles.
  • Does not require multiple calls for CSS files to server
  • Making an extra sets of parameters is as easy as copying one file!

Easy Menus:

Three menu modes included by default: Suckerfish, Two-column suckerfish and Drop line, each one selectable as a class in any mainmenu module!

  • Support list rendering
  • Automatic CSS classes added for easy styling
  • MooTools based for total compatibility

Framework Features:

  • Fast, Joomla! API standard
  • Select which components to show or hide in the frontpage
  • Include all the CSS as part of the HTML document, as separate files or as a single file with the flip of a switch.
  • Selectable CSS gzip compression for increased throughput
  • Mark any parameter as "public" to allow their values be set from URL calls
  • Public parameter values are independent by user/visitor
  • Customizable CSS for the administation panel
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Included Extensions

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The Fitness Life Joomla Template comes complete with some of our most popular extensions - pre packaged with the quickstart and full template versions. Giving you more than just a template - Fitness Life is a full website ready for launching in minutes!

Deluxe NewsPro

Become an instant high definition news portal thanks to the Joomla XTC Deluxe News Pro Module. This powerful module makes your site the ultimate news network with ease by displaying your Joomla content with custom CSS and HTML in a module position. Choose your articles with category, section, and more control than ever. Customize your vision of the news by using the module’s ability to display Joomla Plugins in articles, display columns, grids, as well as scrolling content for sliders and slideshows.
This module requires CSS and HTML knowledge for custom layout designs.

JoomlaXTC Custom HTML Pro

This versatile module allows you to enter Text, HTML, JavaScript or CSS code for display on any module position or even the area of your site. Using any editor available in Joomla!, you can edit complex HTML designs or enter plain-text code for custom displays, additional CSS stylings, embeded flash elements or external javaScript programs. What's more, the module supports any Joomla! content plugin allowing you to customize your content even more.

JoomlaXTC Contact Wall

This module gives you the power to display Joomla Contact Listings with your custom CSS and HTML in a module position with added Javscript effects.
Display your contacts listings with your own templates limited only by your imagination. Its the perfect tool for developers with custom styles in mind. Along with the custom layout the module can display columns and grids for custom listing walls as well as scrolling content for slideshows, sliding content, tool tips, pop ups and much more!

JoomlaXTC K2 Content Wall

The King of K2 Content modules the JoomlaXTC K2 Content Wall makes your site the ultimate K2 network with ease by displaying your K2 content with custom CSS and HTML in a module position. Choose your articles with category, section, and more control than ever. Customize your vision of content by using the module’s ability to display your custom mark up, use one of our 38 demo template designs, or edit one of our designs to your heart's content. Display Joomla Plugins in articles, display columns, grids, as well as based content for sliders and slideshows - The possibilities are Endless!

JoomlaXTC Appointment Book

The Appointment Book Manager component is an easy-to-use tool to create and administer appointment requests for one or multiple calendars.

Stackideas Komento : Free Version (www.stackideas.com)

Komento is a lightweight Joomla comment extension from our friends at stackideas.com. Komento is the perfect component to manage user comments in articles, blogs, and more. Discover the many thoughtful features of this great Joomla comment system giving users more than just expressing themselves.

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Template Features

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A Premium Joomla Template

Fitness Life is a fully Responsive Joomla template, perfect for Fitness Centers, Gym's, Personal Trainers and simply anything you can dream up. The template style is on the cutting edge of web trends: a stunning Parallax design style with the use of CSS3 and Javascript effects.

Enhanced with Bootstrap CSS, Fitness Life scales to pixel perfect widths to enhance viewing on Large Format Monitors, Tablets, Phones, and even the latest Retina devices!

The core Joomla template features (70+) module positions; (60+) module style variations, (4) preset styles, rich typography options, CSS3 progressive enhancements, Bootstrapped and Responsive Design and so much more.
The Quickstart package even comes with some of JoomlaXTC's most popular extensions—like Deluxe NewsPro Module, Appointment Book, Contact Wall and our Html Pro Module.

Fitness Life was built with the JoomlaXTC Framework which offers deep customization options and gives you total control over your site's look & feel—from Width Adjustments, Region & Column Layout, Backgrounds, Font Colors / Sizes / Typeset, Module Layout and custom preset styles.


XTC Framework 2.0: Built on Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. We use a new responsive, fluid grid system to create seamless, responsive layouts. By using the core Bootstrap and custom break points, our responsive design is as dynamic as possible using only CSS3 media queries.

Bootstrap also provides styles for common HTML elements like typography, code, tables, forms, and buttons. It also includes Glyphicons, a great little icon set, as well as the Font Awesome icon set for even more font based icons.

The XTC Bootstrap grid utilizes 12 columns, allowing you to create a fluid AND responsive layout. With the responsive grid in, the layout will adapt to any screensize. The columns become fluid and stack vertically, and each column will adapt to the available size it should have ensuring proper proportions all devices.

Media queries allow for custom CSS based on a number of conditions—ratios, widths, display type, etc—but usually focuses around min-width and max-width.

  • Modify the width of column in our grid
  • Stack elements instead of float wherever necessary
  • Resize headings and text to be more appropriate for devices

Use media queries responsibly and only as a start to your mobile audiences. For larger projects, do consider dedicated code bases and not layers of media queries.

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Example Pages and Menu Links

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This page is an example of content that is Uncategorized; that is, it does not belong to any Section or Category. You will see there is a new Menu in the left column. It shows links to the same content presented in 4 different page layouts.

  • Section Blog
  • Section Table
  • Blog Category
  • Category Table

Follow the links in the Example Pages Menu to see some of the options available to you to present all the different types of content included within the default installation of Joomla!.

This includes Components and individual Articles. These links or Menu Item Types (to give them their proper name) are all controlled from within the Menu Manager->[menuname]->Menu Items Manager.

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