Giorgio Furuno Ondeck Sailing Team​ in this year's Aegean Regatta​ 2019

VIDEO: The delicate art of the spinnaker gybe is one of the most important manoeuvres in sailing.
Our skipper George, who leads the Giorgio Furuno Ondeck Sailing Team in this year's Aegean Regatta, explained to us the finer points of gybing a spinnaker in our third training session ahead of the annual race.
Gybing is when you push the stern of the boat through the wind, whereas tacking involves pushing the bow through the wind. In order to perform a spinnaker gybe safely, all crew members need to closely pay attention and play their part. Indeed, there is, perhaps, no other sailing manoeuvre that calls for greater crew coordination.
Our pitwoman and mainsail trimmer Georgina put her back into it and showed us why it's so important to know how to expertly handle the halyard lines and carefully trim the main when gybing a spinnaker.
"Ready to gybe? Trip!"
Videography and editing by Carlo Raciti Photography

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