The MT NEPA Catamaran is a Lagoon 42 Catamaran built in 2020, has four double cabins,two single cabins, four regular bathrooms, one smaller bathroom and a very spacious living room. Can sleep up to 12 people, 2 in each cabin and two at the double sofa in the living room. She offers every comfort, including TV / DVD player, fans, A/C, electric generators, 2 electric refrigerators, mp3-CD player audio system with Bluetooth and auxiliary port, heater with hot water and photovoltaic panels for battery charging. She has 400 liters total capacity of water tanks and also provides water maker. The yacht has two Yanmar engines of 57HP with turbo for quick navigation and greater flexibility in the harbor.


Built year 2020
LOA 12.80 m
Beam 7.70 m
Draft 1.25 m
Engine 2 x 57 HP (Yanmar 4JH57)
Fuel tank (approx.) 300 l
Water tank 300 l
Cabins / Berths 4 / 8 (12)
Passengers 12
Toilets 4
Sail area 90 m²
Full-batten mainsail 55 m²
Selftacking jib 35 m²
Mast clearance 20.65 m
Light displacement 12.1 t
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