The ERYTOS team was formed in 1995 by Stavros Tsavalos and Kostas Manthos, after three years of successful sailing together.

With international competitive sailing standing, Kostas Manthos took over as Skipper and formed a 15-member competitive sailing team.

Today, the COSMOTE ERYTOS² team--having participated in most Inshore and Offshore races in the Aegean Sea and the Saronic Gulf and having achieved many triumphs in their course together-- constitutes one of the leading sailing competitive teams in Greece. They are regarded as a trustworthy and capable sailing team, bestowed with the respect of the entire sailing community. The team’s success is largely due to excellent communication, team spirit and the mutual love the team members share for the sport of sailing.

The COSMOTE ERYTOS² represents all the mythical characteristics of the individual whose name it bears: Erytos, son of the God Hermes was the fastest amongst the Argonauts that took part in the legendary quest for the Golden Fleece.

COSMOTE is a leading telecommunications company, which from the beginning of its establishment has steadfastly maintained its "course to bring people together", offering them the ability of direct and affordable communication in every corner of Greece, effortlessly and reliably.

In this same spirit, sailing brings people together, sets the course for a peaceful coexistence, adds substance to life and provides creative recreation for all people, regardless of age.

COSMOTE and sailing already having made an exemplary start, thus pursue a noteworthy course with fair winds and the Greek seas as the ideal setting.

Because, in sailing it is not only the wind that fills the sails, it is communication. It is the power of the team to become one. At COSMOTE, this is what we believe. This is what we represent.

And this is why we are now fellow travelers, giving our name to «COSMOTE ERYTOS²».

Because: "That which takes us on a journey, brings us closer".

Attributes of COSMOTE ERYTOS²


Year 1999
Total length 13,80 m
Maximum width 4m
Draught 3m
Displacement 6,800 Tons
Mainsail 70m²
Genoa 52m²
Spinnaker 142m²
Category ORCi A



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